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Title: MERCURY Student scientific and research journal № 2
Keywords: иррациональные основы творчества Антонио Гауди
l’orientalisme dans la poésie
orientalism in fashion
A. Pushkin and Decembrists
industrielle revolution. Die Königliche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Künste, der Industrieerzeugnisse und des Handelsgewerbe (RSA)
Sándor Petöfi
La Jeune Allemagne
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2012
Publisher: Department of European Studies
Abstract: In this first magazine therefore you are going to read essays in three languages: English, French and German, which corresponds to the curriculum of our European Studies department. This issue contains subjects about the 20th century European cultural development: Art nouveau and Bauhaus, metaphysics and surrealism, the theatre of Berthold Brecht and Jean Vilar, musicals and the Beatles, haute-couture and modern society. All topics are comparative and interdisciplinary. They offer you the mosaic of European cultural diversity of the 20th century.
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