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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05-20The gender differences in fear of crime and the use of space in Bishkek among AUCA studentsTurdalieva, Begaiym
2010Gender discrimination within the Afghan judicial systemNoorestani, Humira
2012Gender Stereotypes in Commercials of “MegaCom” and “Shoro” CompaniesBeishebaeva, Akzhibek
2008Gender, Education and Development: Global Priorities and Local RealitiesRidge, Natasha
2012General Overview of IBL Department Partnerships-
2012General Psychology and Introduction to the ProfessionMolchanova, Elena
2013General Psychology and Introduction to the ProfessionMolchanova, Elena
2011General Psychology IIElena Molchanova
2014-01-03The Geography of the World EconomyAbdygulov, Tolkunbek
2014-05-25Gestation Dominant, Stages of the Spouse Holon Development and Signs of Sibling DisorderLinnik, Alina
2012-08Governance and Development-
2013-09-03Governance and developmentTiulegenov, Medet
2013-09-03Grazhdanskoe pravoAlenkina, Natalia
2011-05Greek Crisis 2010: the Collapse of the European Monetary Union?Puchina, Svetlana
2011Guidelines for grading-
2013Guidelines for Grading-
2014-05-25Halal brand in Kyrgyzstan: strengthening of religiosity or commercial project?Jumanalieva, Parizat
2011Handbook 2011-2012. International and comparative politics-
2013History and Methodology of PsychologyBagdasarova, Nina
2014History and Methodology of PsychologyBagdasarova, Nina